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Economic Model 1325 Model Woodworking CNC Router

Advantage: -Adopt the gantry structure the guide rail support surface is stable the rack drive mode the transmission is stable guarantees the long time high speed movement does not deform does not shake. -The linear guideway and y axis...

-Adopt the gantry structure, the guide rail support surface is stable, the rack drive mode, the transmission
is stable, guarantees the long time high speed movement does not deform, does not shake.
-The linear guideway and y axis are driven by double motors, which have large bearing redundancy and
long life. Using double rack transmission, the operation is simpler and the design is more humanized.
-A variety of software compatible, compatible with type3/artcam/castmate/ carved / Wentai and other
design and production software.

Model MJ1325
Range of work 1300x2500mm
Working height 200mm
Running speed 20m/min
Processing speed 10m/min.
Driving mode 450B step motor drive
Driver Thessai 860
Spindle power 3.2kw water-cooled variable frequency spindle
XY guideway and transmission 20 linear guideway, high precision rack drive
Z axis guideway and drive 20 linear guideway, original tbi ball rod transmission
Main shaft speed 24000rpm/min
Working voltage 220v/50hz(380V/50hz)
Support format *nc,G code,*uoo,*mmg,*plt
Tool knife diameter ¢3.175mm  ¢6mm  ¢12.7mm
Control system Dimension control system
Oiling Manual oil injection
Vac-sorb 5.5kw 380V Vacuum adsorption system (selection)
Control cabinet Independent control cabinet (optional built-in control cabinet)

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