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China High Quality Woodworking Machinery Factory Price CNC Router 1325

Features: 1.Whole machine welded with 4mm seamless steel lathe bedthe stability is excellent not easy to deformed to ensure the high precision. 2.Imported linear guide railball screw self lubricating slide blockmaking each direction...

1.Whole machine welded with 4mm seamless steel lathe bed,the stability is excellent, not easy to deformed , to ensure the high precision.
2.Imported linear guide rail,ball screw, self lubricating slide block,making each direction force equal,to ensure that the mechanical precision and strength.
3.Have the function of break-point memory,making it possible to go on working  in accident  (broken knife) or the next day.
4.Well compatibility for CAD/CAM design software,like TYPE3/Artcam/Castmate/Wen tai and so on.
5.Widely used and economic.For advertising ,decoration,label production,wood mold,badge and embossing mold,cookies,chocolate and candy mold,PCB,crafts,scale,building model and so on.
Application range
Furniture Industry: They can be used to engrave panel furniture, office furniture, customized furniture,Cabinets,wardrobes, wooden doors, bedside table solid Wood doors,Cupboard doors, interior doors, sofa legs, headboards, and other panel furniture.
Wooden product industry:They can be used to engrave musical instrument,Audio,game cabinet,computer desk etc..
Advertising Industry:They can be used for characters cutting, plate making, manufacture by PVC, crystal board, led neon lamp groove shape, literally shaped hole cutting, plastic lamp mold cutting etc..

Technical Parameters
Mode GD-1325  GD-1530 GD-2040
X working area 1300mm 1500mm 2000mm
Y working area 2500mm 3000mm 4000mm
Z working area 200mm(customized) 200mm(customized) 200mm(customized)
Table structure aluminum T-slot
Gantry Stable steel structure
Spindle power 2.2(3.2/4.2/5.5kw optional) , water/air cooling 
Spindle rotating speed 18000-24000rpm
Working speed 0-28000mm/min
Working voltage 380/220v
Engraving command G code*.ENG/ u00*.mmg*.plt
Transmission X,Y-axis high precision gear rack,z-axis ball screw
Guide rail Taiwan Hiwin 20/25/30mm square guide rail
Inverter Fuling brand/Best/Sifang(optional)
Re-position precision 0.05mm
Driving mode Stepper or Servo
Control system NC studio( DSP optional)
Optional parts 1.Servo motor2.Rotary axis3.Water tank 

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