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Furniture Metal Acrylic MDF Wood Engraving Cutting CNC Router Machine

1.Wood cnc router (1) This wood cnc router working size is: 1300x2500x200mm , vacuum table, with7.5kw water cooling spindle power, using the vacuum pump to absorb the mould on the table , it is convenience for wood cnc router users that it...

1.Wood cnc router

(1) This wood cnc router working size is: 1300x2500x200mm, vacuum table, with7.5kw water cooling spindle power,  using the vacuum pump to absorb the mould on the table, it is convenience for wood cnc router users that it is  don't need the materials holders, put the mould on the table , open the vacuum pump , then can working , but it has one point that not absorb the irregular , out of faltness mould , 3D embossment. This vacuum table wood cnc router  fit for the users who has the large volume productions, it can improve the working efficiency, it is save the time and labor than the aluminium profile wood cnc router.

We can produce the machine water cooling spindle power with 4.5kw/5.5kw/7.5kw or more bigger, all as customer's request, 3kw water cooling spindle can cut and engrave on the wood/ MDF Arylic/ alumnium copper brass and other metal and nonmetal materials. when you want to cut 30mm wood or MDF, please choose the 4.5kw water cooling spindle power, if you want to cut : 40mm thickness of wood/MDF please choose 5.5 kw water cooling spindle power( if you want to cut it down using one time). more bigger power, more thick of the wood/MDF and matherals to be cut.

1.5kw /2.2kw mainly used on the engraving work, but it aslo can cut the wood/MDF acrylic,but it need to cut many times then can cut it down. small power mainly used to do the engraving work.

(2) But aluminium profile wood working machine can work on the 3D embossment and the irregular , out of faltness mould.

(3) This machine cooling mode is: water cooling spindle .we aslo can produce the machine with air cooling spindle, when you choose the machine , please let us know which type of cooling power you needed, or tell me your exactly requirments please, and let our engineer let you to choose .

(4) This type of wood cnc router  using the Taiwan HIWIN real brand liner guide rail. can promise the machine has a high precision. and TBI ball screw .
(5) we can produce the wood cnc router with 1 spindle 2 heads/ 3 heads/ 6 heads/4 heads and aslo can produce the machine with 1 spindle i head, 2 spindle 2 heads and 3 spindle or 4 spindle and so on.

(5) Maybe you are doubts whats the 1 spindle with many heads, this meaning, 1 water /air cooling spindle control many heads can provide the working efferiency of engraving and cutting. but 12 spindle 2 heads is one spindle control each heads , so its working speed and efferinecy is higher than the 1 spindle control many heads. but price is expensive than 1 spindle control many heads type of wood cnc router.

(6) Our factory can according to your requipments to produce the wood cnc router machine, like the working size, the colour of this machine, using which size of driving motor.... If you are professional buyers, please tell me your exactly requirments, like stepper motor using which brand, driver using which brand, and so on, if you don't know, then tell us, we according your requirments to produce for you.

2. Machine Features

1) Vacuum & T-slot Combined Table:  Small-scale processing by using material holder,
eliminating the need for a vacuum pump electricity;  large processing by adsorption, simple,convenient and efficient.
2) Water cooling spindle, with high precision, long life time, steady working, easy to start up.
3) Taiwan Hiwin linear square guide rail, self-lubricating sliding block. It ensures equal
force in all directions and accuracy and strength of the machine.
4) Y axis uses double-motor in-phase drive that ensure the machine equality and smoothly running.
5)  DSP controller system with USB interface,working without connecting with computer
during working and easy to control.
3. Parameter
Model CK-1325 wood cnc router
Engraving area
Working Form Full-automatic
Spindle Power 7.5kw as customers choice
Spindle Rotate(rpm) 6000~24000mm/min
Motor  stepper motor or Servo motor imported from Japan as your choice
Tool Diameter(mm) Ø3.175,Ø4,Ø6/8mm, Ø12.7mm
Machine Structure Thicker Welded Steel tube Structure for 8mm thickness
Transmission System X,Y Axis: Helical Rack and Pinion Drive
Z Axis: Taiwan TBI ball Screw
X,Y,Z Rail Taiwan HIWIN square rail
X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy ±0.03/300mm
Engraving Speed(mm/min) 8000~12000mm/min
Feeding Speed manual
Data Transmission USB or PC connect
Support Format G code or HPGL
Working Voltage AC220V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz
software   CAD/CAM,Artcam,Castmate,Ug,Wentai,Type3.  UCancamV8
Range of Application Woodworking relief engrave ,Cutting , Hollow
Machine Net Weight 1680Kg

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